Today we still worked on our websites, I added some plugins and an contact me page.

I also added all my blog post on to my website so that my website isn’t plain ad so that I wouldn’t have to go back and forth between websites, now all my blogs post are all in one place.

I also want to play around and add a few more things and widgets to get it more personalized to my liking.

My own site


Well today in class we created our own domain site. It was pretty easy to do which made me super excited.

My site is currently under construction so I can make it pretty lol.

In the future I want to start a business, so when we made this domain I was super happy to know the steps on how to do it an how it will help me in the future.

Beyonce New

I decided to try to make a new gif I originally wanted to use a whole new image, but I figured to was to much work. So instead I decided to just try and play with the filters, an even with that trying new effects was pretty cool. Even though it’s the same image it still looks like a completely new image. Finding new ways to animate excites me every time. Yes its still a little bit frustrating, this is something to me that needs practice, I can’t just get up an do the steps like 1,2.3. But we all know practice makes perfect.

Charlies Angels

I always new about this feature on my phone, and I have played with it before. But cmon now who really uses that feature, besides artist, and photographers.  Who would have known I could be able to do such cool things with this feature. I actually had fun doing this with my group, we kind of went into character mode with the three of us being Charlies Angels. =)

What art thou

I feel as though art comes in many different forms, and things. Art to me isn’t just one specific things, to me if it can help you express yourself that is a form of art. From writing, drawing, singing, making something, and the list goesss on. So yes I do feel as though memes are a form of art. People use memes as a way of expressing a feeling or to say things they would say, so I do have to say memes are art. Not only that but you can be creative an have your creativity juices flowing by creating your own, which makes it your own work of art.

An when you think about it, Its a pretty cool way to express yourself.

Its a new semester already

Well to be honest I’m sure we don’t know what to expect when its the start of a new semester and class starts.

Being that this is my only class on Tuesdays waking up is sooo hard. 

I figured that this would be just another boring 101 class 

But as you started speaking an introducing yourself I could tell this may be a class an professor that I enjoy..

So I really look forward to learning more with this class and you as a professor.

Lets go shoppinggg

Well like most females, we love shopping, and I am one of those girls who loves to shop lol. Shopping makes happy, I love being at the mall looking at new things, putting together new outfits in my head. Style to me is something that kind of defines us as different people. No two people have the same style.

When my friends say 

Im like 

I love it makes me so happy lol